• Taylor Herrera ME

My Passion

Hi everyone!!

Today I wanted to talk a little bit more about myself and why I do what I do and my background. I have done esthetics for 4 years and I absolutely love it!!! Growing up I always struggled with acne and bad skin and it honestly took a huge tull on me and I went to many dermatologist however nothing seemed to work for me. I wanted to understand skin more and be able to find ways to help myself and everyone else that wasn't happy with their skin. I loved school but I learned the most after school and through all the things I've researched and learned on my own and from people around me. I really care about each and every client that comes into my room, I love getting to meet new people and take care of everyone that crosses my path. I love getting to help people feel great about themselves on the inside and outside. I am truly passionate about skin care and love what I do so much. If you want to seek help with your skin care please reach out to me, even if your are hesitant come in for a free consult. I would love to meet you and help with any concerns you may have or if you just want to know how to help prevent aging or anything in between. I am here for you and I am ready to go on this skin care journey with you.





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