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Ematrix Sublative Resurfacing

Ematrix is a fractionated radio frequency device. Ematrix treats fine lines and wrinkles, superficial discolorations, textural irregularities, and mild to moderate acne scarring.  Since the Ematrix is a fractionated radio frequency device it is safe to use on ALL skin types, unlike fractionated lasers like the CO2 laser. The energy from the treatment goes deep into the skin. Only a small portion of the surface skin is affected, allowing for quick healing times. Ematrix stimulates new collagen production and enables you to achieve a more youthful appearance!

 How many treatments will I need?

While this depends on each individual, I almost always recommend starting with 3 treatments one month apart. The Ematrix treatment also pairs very well our Micropen and Ultherapy Treatment!

How often can I have my treatments?

Treatments are recommended to be done monthly.

Does it hurt?

Numbing cream will be applied to the skin which will help with discomfort.

What is the downtime?

Immediately after the treatment you will notice a bright redness to the skin which usually lasts 24 hours. You will also notice tiny dots in a grid fashion in the areas treated, do NOT pick/scratch/exfoliate these, they will disappear themselves over the next couple days.

When will I see results?

The changes in your skin will be gradual and cumulative with each treatment. It takes time for your skin to produce new collagen and reorganize. You will start to see results after the first couple of treatments. The final outcome can be noted 6 months after your last treatment.

What to do before my Ematrix Treatment:

  • Ensure that you've had little sun exposure 2 weeks before.

  • No tanning (sun or self-tanner) 2 weeks before.

  • Cannot be done on compromised skin (sunburned/wind burned skin, active rashes, etc.).

  • Cannot be done on lots of active acne breakouts.

  • Discontinue all exfoliating products 5-7 days before. This includes scrubs, cleansing brushes, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, retinol derivatives, topical acne treatments, etc.

What to do after my Ematrix Treatment:

  • Keep your skin cool- use a fan, cold wet washcloth, ice pack if needed.

  • Don't worry about doing a skin care routine that same night, you can go right to sleep! Start your simple and gentle routine the next morning.

  • Keep your skin care routine very simple and gentle for 5 days- Gentle Cleanser, Basic Moisturizer, and SPF.

  • Also discontinue any corrective or active serums/moisturizers- vitamin C, Retinol derivatives, acne treatments, etc for 5-7 days.

  • Avoid vigorous physical activity, pools, saunas, hot tubs for 48hrs.

  • Absolutely no picking, pulling of peeling skin, or scratching!

  • SPF 30 or greater EVERY morning- wear protective clothing, hats, and sunglasses, etc.

  • You may wear makeup the next day, but if you can, be foundation-free for 2 days.

*Give 2 weeks before and after Botox/Filler injections for this treatment.

Ematrix Sublative Resurfacing: Welcome
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